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Hello marketing community!

There are a lot of marketing blogs out in the blogosphere today, all with lots of great content about marketing's hot topics. This is not your typical marketing blog. This is one written by a numbers geek, which is to say one written with a unique perspective on data.

As with any other decision in life (generally), the best marketing decisions are
informed decisions.

Fortunately, we now have access to a whole lot of information thanks to the
 internet (read: Google). On the flip side, sometimes there can be simply too much information out there and it becomes just a bit overwhelming. To put into perspective, 
The Economist says we'll be creating 2,720 exabytes of data in 2012. Finding the data that really matters to you can be tricky.

That's where Marketing Cruncher comes in. This blog will feature posts that contain nuggets (or slices) of data and trends on all sorts of things as they relate to the marketing world with the aim of providing useful insights into marketing strategy. For starters, here's a post I wrote with some of my thoughts on how to maximize value from data.

Feel free to share your comments and feedback or even to suggest topics you'd like to see. Also feel free to share my posts with fellow number crunchers and marketers!

Happy crunching,


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